Principal Update April 4, 2021

Reopening Updates

Good morning Loma Portal families!! I hope you have all had a wonderful Spring Break, enjoying time with your family and getting outdoors. The weather has been perfect lately!


We are so excited to start Phase 2 of our school reopening on April 12th as you can imagine! We can't wait to see everyone who chose to return to campus, and those that chose online, back in class.


This is one of several emails you will be receiving from me regarding our Phase 2 reopening. There are obviously many moving parts involved in opening our school but my goal is to keep you all as up to date as possible as we lead up to April 12th.  Please read the email below and subsequent emails thoroughly in order to make sure we have a smooth and safe start!


As always, please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. I am sure you may have specific questions that pertain to your child and I am happy to support you.  You can reach me at [email protected].  Looking forward to seeing many of you on April 12th!


April 5th- 9th

ALL instruction will take place virtually this week while our teachers take part in some trainings and prep their classrooms for April 12th.  ALL on campus services ended on March 26th.  Throughout the week of April 5th, students will be provided with 120 minutes of daily synchronous (i.e. Zoom) from their classroom teacher.  They will also have at least 120 minutes of daily asynchronous classwork to do.  For more specific details about your child’s school day during the week of April 5th, please contact your child’s teacher.


April 12th Reopening Updates


TWO Necessary Forms

1. Each family will need to complete the Opt In Form (Acknowledgement) for On Campus Instruction for each student in order to participate in on campus instruction. This will be due on the first day of school Monday, April 12, 2021. Please complete this form (below) prior to the morning of April 12th and have your child bring it to school. You need to do this only ONCE.





We will have limited copies available that day at tables near our flagpole in front of campus. However, filling it out the morning of April 12th will cause delays in getting on campus. Please do your best to print this form out, complete it, and have your child bring it to school on April 12th.


2. Each student must be screened daily at home by completing a DAILY SYMPTOMS CHECKLIST to enter campus. This must be done DAILY. You have the choice of doing this via a paper daily symptom checklist (below) or using the ClearPass website to do the screening virtually.  For Clearpass, you will need your child’s usual log in info (ID and password).  A ClearPass job aid can be found HERE.


We will have limited copies of the Daily Symptoms Checklists available each day at tables near our flagpole in front of campus. However, filling it out at school will cause delays in getting on campus. Please do your best to print this form out, complete it, and have your child bring it to school daily (or use the ClearPass website).


Teachers will either collect the Daily Checklist form from your child daily or ask students if their parent has completed the ClearPass form.


*Reminder….either the paper Daily Symptom Checklist (below) OR the ClearPass form (online) is requested DAILY.




School Day

  • Beginning April 12th, our school day will be 8:30am to 2:30pm, Monday-Thursday.  This will remain the same for students who are returning to campus AND students who are remaining online. The only exception to this is our TK class.  Our TK program is a half day program and all TK students are dismissed at 11:30am daily.
  • Every Friday, ALL students will remain home and will have at least 30 minutes of synchronous instruction from their child’s teacher.  For the remainder of the day, students will complete asynchronous assignments.  On Fridays, teachers will be taking part in meetings and professional development sessions as well as preparing lessons and activities for their students.
  • Students in grades 1-4 will need a FULLY CHARGED student computer and charger EVERY DAY. Headphones also. We highly recommend using a SDUSD Chromebook but other laptops may be used. No tablets please.  Please let me know if your child needs a SDUSD Chromebook. Keeping your child’s computer CHARGED will be crucial.  Charging their computer should be part of a daily homework routine for each student. Our classrooms cannot have extension cords crisscrossing the floor so we are depending on students to come to school each day with a fully charged computer.
  • Students will remain in their classroom group (stable group) while on campus.  Use of shared spaces (i.e. library, auditorium) will be held to a minimum. 
  • Library, Music, and STEAM will continue to be virtual through the school year.
  • Klassic Kids will be available to students 2:30-6:00pm.  For more information, contact Klassic Kids at [email protected].
  • No parents or visitors are allowed on campus



  • ALL students will have a daily recess time (20mins) and lunch time (40mins).  The only exception to this is our TK class.  Our TK program is a half day program and all TK students are dismissed before lunchtime (11:30am). Throughout recess and lunchtime, students will remain in their classroom group (stable group) and will NOT interact with students in other classes. Students will remain at least 6’ apart at all times. During eating times, talking will be held to a minimum in order to mitigate the spread of germs.  
  • Water - Due to health and safety guidelines, water fountains are not in use. Students need to bring their own water bottle daily. I would suggest writing your child’s name on their water bottle.



  • Classroom space will be set up in order to maintain a maximum of 6’ of distance between students or a minimum of 5’ of distance between students.
  • ALL students and staff must wear masks. “Mask Breaks” will be built into the school day to allow students to remove their mask for a short time.  These will take place outside and students will be 6’ apart from each other. Please send your child to school with at least 2 clean masks DAILY. Have your child wear one and keep the other in a plastic Ziploc bag.
  • Ventilation - MERV 13 filters (circulates air 5x per hour), WINIX air purifiers (circulates air & filters), and doors/windows open in all campus spaces.
  • Daily cleaning of high touch areas
  • COVID screening and the Daily Symptoms Checklist must done by a PARENT BEFORE STUDENTS GO TO CAMPUS EACH DAY.  We are doing our best to get our school open and are depending on parents to screen their child DAILY.  More info on this is above in the “Two Necessary Forms” section.
  • Mandatory COVID testing every 2 weeks for staff
  • Voluntary COVID testing every 2 week for students



  • There will be specific entrances and exits for our students to support social distancing -- detailed information will be shared next week
  • Due to safety protocols, parents WILL NOT be permitted on campus.  TK and Kindergarten students will be met at the gate by their teacher and students in grades 1-4 will walk onto campus and meet their teacher on our upper blacktop area.  More details on this procedure to follow.
  • There is no onsite parking for families - families will need to park around the school and walk to their designated entrance and exit while maintaining 6’ distance from all other family members, students, and staff.


How to Prepare My Child for Returning to School

1. Practice wearing a mask for an extended period of time. This will be critical is mitigating the spread of germs and will be 100% mandatory for ALL students and staff.

2. Talk about SOCIAL DISTANCING with your child.  We understand this will be difficult, but we simply cannot allow students to come in close contact with other students.  It is an extreme safety hazard. If a student shows that he/she cannot adhere to social distancing guidelines after multiple warnings, I will be speaking to the parent and student about other school day alternatives (i.e. remaining online).

3. Talk to your child about limited talking during all eating times.  Again, this will be difficult for our students but health and safety guidelines need to be followed.  Eating remains a higher risk activity and eating while talking comes with an even higher risk of spreading germs.

4. Review the make up of our campus with your child.  We know it has been quite a while since your child has been to LPE!  Having a quick conversation about where things are located could go a long way in making your child feel less anxious.

5. Next week, I will be sending out some photos and videos of our classrooms and other campus locations.  Please review these with your child.  Again, this may limit any feelings of anxiety as our students prepare to return to campus.

6. For students in Grades 1-4, label your child’s computer and charger with their name.  Also write down their ID and password somewhere convenient (i.e. in a notebook, on an index card in their backpack, etc.)


More Resources

School Reopening FAQ Document


Parent Q&A Document


Stay tuned for more information coming this week!  Let me know if you have any questions. : )

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