Depth of Knowledge

Depth of Knowledge (from NYC Dept. of Ed)

Webb's Depth of Knowledge (DOK) provides a vocabulary and a frame of reference when thinking about our students and how they engage with the content. DOK offers a common language to understand "rigor," or cognitive demand, in assessments, as well as curricular units, lessons, and tasks. Webb developed four DOK levels that grow in cognitive complexity and provide educators a lens on creating more cognitively engaging and challenging tasks.

dok graphic

dok and blooms

The DOK chart.

And this is a nice chart with words/phrases a teacher can use to create questions.

This is cool: DOK question stems.

This links DOK and Blooms specifically for math. It's called Hess' Cognitive Rigor Matrix for Math and Science.

And here it is for ELA: Hess' Cognitive Rigor Matrix for Reading and Writing

Speaking of Karen Hess, here's a great video where Karen explains Depth of Knowledge. Very clear and interesting to watch.

Webb's Depth of Knowledge Guide. Great stuff for implementation. Check out pages 7, 9, 11, and 13!

Another great implementation guide: Hess' A Guide for Using Webb's DOK with Common Core State Standards. This is awesome because not only does it give an explanation and correlation between Bloom's and Webb, but the cool thing is this gives possible products, potential activities, and potential questions. Seems really, really useful.

Handout created with Webb's question stems on the front and possible activities and teacher/student roles on the back. Handed out at Loma Portal's second DOK training on April 23, 2015.

four layers

A great video to introduce Depth of Knowledge from NYC Dept. of Ed.

Stanislaus County Department of Ed website. Very helpful. A ton of resources.

Another great website with a ton of resources: Franklyn Community Schools website. Lots of stuff!

Dr. Nicki Newton's Pinterest Page on DOK. (We LOVE Dr. Nicki Newton! Have you seen her blog?)

Professional Development--train your staff:

Depth of Knowledge Power Point San Diego Unified School District

Depth of Knowledge Power Point Cape Girardeau Public Schools

What Does Rigor Look Like by Karen Hess Power Point, Wisconsin ASCD Meeting

Developing Higher Order Thinking Questions Based on Webb's DOK and FCAT Content Complexity Power Point by Brenda Mathews

Teaching With Depth: An Understanding of Webb's Depth of Knowledge Power Point Polk County School District

GED Prep Power Point (Don't laugh, it's got good stuff!)

and most importantly,

Loma Portal's Common Core Professional Development Power Point by April L. Stebbins-Dorman. Faboooo!! :)


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