At Loma Portal Elementary School, we believe very strongly in the value and potential in each and every child. We also strive to meet students at their academic levels regardless of where that may be. In order to meet our students' needs and to refelct the diversity of our community, we follow GATE Model B. This model provides that at least 25% of the students in each 3rd and 4th grade class are GATE or Seminar identified, with the remaining openings filled with students reflecting the diversity of the school. We do not have a designated GATE/Seminar classroom on our campus. We are committed to serving all of our students and creating a learning environment in which ALL of our students' needs are met. In order to effectively challenge our GATE, Seminar, and high achieving students, all of our 3rd and 4th grade teachers are GATE Certified and receive specialized professional development to ensure that our students are working at their highest possible level. GATE strategies in use at our school include:

· Differentiated opportunities for learning based on each student's particular abilities and talents

· Provisions made for ensuring participation of students in the upper range of intellectual ability

· A stimulating and challenging environment that provides a differentiated curriculum focusing on depth, pacing, and complexity

· Pre-assessments to determine students' needs

· Integrated learning experiences through interdisciplinary units

· Group projects that encourage cooperation, leadership, and creativity

· Inquiry-based instruction

To learn more about the district GATE program, visit the SDUSD GATE website at:

In addition, below are some more GATE resources. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Principal Mark Morici at [email protected].

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