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Common Core State Math Standards

Kindergarten - 4th grade.

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Teacher Resources and Materials:

Files for All Grade Levels: Basic CCSS Information

*CCSS Math Standards PDF

The actual document of the standards

*Major Clusters from Achieve the Core

The Critical Areas came first, then they created these Major Clusters. Use them to help design your school year. Your students should have 100% mastery of the "green bucket" items.

*Core Progressions--The Handbook of the Common Core math standards

*Grade Level Fluencies

kids who exhibit fluency:

-have a variety of strategies to solve problems

-should have 100% mastery

-kids need to have speed and accuracy with problems

Do you know what your grade level fluencies are???

*Critical Areas Progressions

Sort of an introduction document that summarizes the major areas for each grade level K-8. A great way to see what the grade below you and the grade level above you are doing.

*Critical Areas of Focus

These are the big ideas of each grade level standards to help you plan your year.

*Standards Progressions

Use these progressions to see the progression of concepts as they articulate through the grade levels.

*South Dakota Counts--tons of math prompts for all grade levels

These prompts are organized by the different types of problem types.

*Description of the Common Core Shifts

Talks about focus, coherence, and rigor.

*CCSS Overview Power Point

*Types of Word Problems

*Table of Addition and Subtraction Problem Types

*Table of Multiplication and Division Problem Types

*Presentation for k-2 CCSS Basics

*Presentation for 3-5 CCSS Basics

*K-8 Overview of the Standards in easy to understand language

Helpful Videos

From the Page to the Classroom: Implementing the Common Core State Standards - Mathematics

From the Page to the Classroom: Implementing the Common Core State Standards - English Language Arts

Learn Zillion Logo

All of the videos on LearnZillion

It's like Kahn Academy, but for Common Core, and with notes and commentary (and it ROCKS!)

Just for Fun...Common Core This Way...

More fun...Common Core Blues

Table for to watch the Eight Mathematical Practices

Beyond Right Answers: Math and the CCSS video about shifts and focus

The Importance of Mathematics Progressions

Critical Areas here's Dr. Nicki talking about the critical areas.

Kindergarten critical areas

1st grade critical areas

2nd grade critical areas

3rd grade critical areas part 1 and part 2

4th grade critical areas

Literacy: How to Read the Common Core

"I Choose C" a hilarious depiction of why we need Common Core.

*The Hunt Institue YouTube Channel

These videos were created by the writers of the CCSS walking you through different CCSS topics.

*Phil Daro's vide Against "Answer Getting"

Very long, but worth the 17 minutes. Very inspiring!! Get rid of "clutter in the curriculum". LOVE it!

*Illustrative Mathematics Fractions Progressions Videos

A great set of videos that explain how the fraction standards are organized and what they entail.

*Southeast Comprehensive Center

really great group of videos explaining each math standard

math wordle

Notes from the Common Core Conference

Writing in Math Class

Place Value and Operations

Addition and Subtraction


Math Posters You Can Use RIGHT NOW!!
Eight Mathematical Practices Poster (Elementary)

Upper Grade Mathematical Practices Posters

Visual Word Wall

Addition Strategies poster

Subtraction strategies poster

Multiplication Strategy Poster

Multi-Digit Multiplication Poster

Division Strategies Poster

Counting Strategies Poster

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